Professional Experience

With almost two decades of extensive experience in digital and traditional marketing, I have demonstrated a proven track record of driving growth and innovation across diverse sectors. As a seasoned professional, my journey includes pivotal roles at prominent companies.

My experience spans strategic leadership in SEO, SEM, online branding, and digital advertising. I’ve consistently delivered transformative results – from increasing web traffic and sales to pioneering content strategies and community engagement. At each step, from spearheading the startup phase to guiding significant business acquisitions, I have combined technical skills with creative marketing strategies to elevate the brand presence and performance in competitive markets.

My career reflects a deep commitment to high standards in digital marketing and a passion for harnessing the power of the internet to drive business success.

ABA Florida - Gatehouse Treatment

Head of SEO | ICBD Holdings/ ABA Centers/ GateHouse | Ft. Lauderdale, FL | January 2023 – Present**

As the SEO Manager at ICBD Holdings/ABA Centers/GateHouse in Ft. Lauderdale, FL since January 2023, I have significantly elevated the online presence and performance of nine health brands. I achieved performative increases in web traffic, notably a 450% rise for GateHouse Treatment and a 750% surge for ABA Centers of Florida. My expertise in WordPress led to substantial website improvements, enhancing site loading times by at least 15% and aligning with Core Web Vitals guidelines. I successfully integrated effective call-to-actions (CTAs), boosting conversion rates by 17%, and aligned content strategies with Google’s Helpful Content Update. My work in semantic search and targeted digital marketing strategies notably increased organic traffic admissions from 5% to 35%. Additionally, I played a crucial role in PPC, social media, and email marketing campaigns and orchestrated an Online Reputation Management (ORM) program, adhering to HIPAA regulations. My efforts have been pivotal in digital marketing strategies that now contribute to 86% of ICBD’s total business income.

Sandals and Beaches

Global Head of SEO | Sandals/Beaches | Miami, FL | May 2022 – December 2022

As the Global Head of SEO for Sandals and Beaches in Miami, FL, from May to December 2022, I led a diverse team of 5 SEO professionals and collaborated with a cross-functional team of 15, optimizing international web properties such as and My role involved directing technical reviews and strategic enhancements in line with Page Experience and Core Web Vitals guidelines, resulting in significant performance boosts. I crafted a technical SEO roadmap, focusing on LightHouse scores and Core Web Vitals, and implemented a robust content strategy grounded in Google’s Search Results Quality Guidelines, enhancing the E.A.T signals. This approach led to a 15% increase in branded key terms search traffic, 27% in non-branded keywords, and 8% in new key terms. Additionally, I devised a 24-month SEO and digital marketing strategy, incorporating agile content planning and keyword research best practices, significantly enhancing the brand’s online visibility and global digital presence.


Digital Marketing Manager | Costex | Miami, FL | November 2018 – May 2022

As the Digital Marketing Manager at Costex in Miami, FL, from November 2018 to May 2022, I significantly enhanced the company’s digital marketing efficacy, growing the annual marketing budget and correlating with a notable increase in sales. My strategic budget optimization led to reduced Google Advertising Campaign spending while maintaining traffic levels and expanding into social advertising. I oversaw the management of a website with over 68.000 products, increasing web traffic by 500%, and innovatively boosting social media engagement by 40%. These efforts were instrumental in transforming Costex’s online sales landscape, increasing internet sales contributions from 10% to 68% of total sales and playing a crucial role in elevating the company’s gross revenue from $100 million to $300 million, thereby underlining the effectiveness of the implemented digital marketing strategies.


Digital Marketing Director – Director of E-Commerce | | Miami, FL | May 2009 – November 2018

As the Marketing Director and Director of E-Commerce at in Miami, FL, from May 2009 to November 2018, I spearheaded the development and evolution of the e-commerce platform, transitioning from an ASP.NET StoreFront to Magento, enhancing UX and site structure. My hands-on management of data transfer and site design significantly drove sales growth from $120,000 in 2009 to $2 million by 2018. I led SEO and SEM strategies across platforms like Google and Bing and conducted extensive outreach through publications and influencers. I developed sophisticated analytical processes to track KPIs, optimizing marketing funnels and content strategies. Additionally, I was responsible for the website’s overall design, including layout, structure, and graphical elements, and authored all written content. My efforts culminated in the successful sale of the business in 2018, marking a significant achievement in business growth and digital marketing proficiency.


Director of Digital Marketing and E-commerce | | Miami, FL | February 2007 – March 2009

As the Director of Marketing and E-commerce at in Miami, FL, from February 2007 to March 2009, I played a crucial role in the startup and subsequent sale of the company. I led a marketing team that significantly enhanced brand awareness and sales performance, including launching a subscription-based sales funnel that added $55K in monthly revenue. My strategic leadership in SEO and SEM transformed website traffic from 10 visitors per day in our first month to over 8 million monthly visitors a year later, thanks to extensive keyword research and content optimization. I pioneered a content strategy that boosted customer engagement by 50%, leveraging early influencer marketing with beauty bloggers to increase website traffic and SEO. Additionally, I successfully led the rebranding from Banler Beauty to BeautyVice, resulting in a 40% increase in web traffic and a dramatic rise in sales within six months, while managing comprehensive marketing strategies covering branding, advertising, and digital content creation.

Synergy Development

Director of Internet Services | Synergy Development Consulting | Miami, FL | March 2003 – February 2007

As the Director of Internet Services at Synergy Development Consulting in Miami, FL, from March 2003 to February 2007, I provided comprehensive marketing, branding, advertising, SEO, and SEM services to SMB business organizations. My role involved creating both online and offline branding solutions for notable companies like Norwegian, Finotex, Bell South, Home Depot, Lowe’s, TCHZ, and Sephora. I was responsible for designing, developing, and originating creatives for various online e-commerce and service companies, demonstrating a strong capacity for innovative design and effective digital marketing strategies. My tenure was marked by the successful delivery of integrated branding and marketing solutions across a diverse range of industry sectors.